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  • Using a Custom Icon with Aliases in Gmail

    Using a Custom Icon with Aliases in Gmail

    Using a custom icon with Alias Domains in Gmail is now possible with a little workaround I discovered. Here are the steps to set it up – completely free: Set up Cloudflare Email Routing for your custom email addresses. Set up corresponding email accounts in Google Workspace Essentials. Use Elastic Email in combination with the […]

  • Big Data & Predictive Analysis

    Understanding big data requires a shift in mindset. For those who have never heard the term “Big Data,” there presently exist many definitions. From my understanding, and in a most simplistic form, big data is the compilation of distinct data points over time from any possible source. Anytime any device in the globe connects to […]

  • The Way

    After soaring one astronomical unit from the sun to reach the skin, eyes, and nerves of the human body, heat and light energy supports life on earth.  The energy released from fusion, caused by the rapid collision of helium atoms deep inside the sun, is the process that powers the stars; therefore, a universe lacking […]