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Blog Post #2: Big Data & Predictive Analysis

Understanding big data requires a shift in mindset. For those who have never heard the term “Big Data,” there presently exist many definitions. From my understanding, and in a most simplistic form, big data is the compilation of distinct data points over time from any possible source. Anytime any device in the globe connects to the World Wide Web that device is contributing to big data, and information can be gleaned from that connection. Simply connecting to the Internet from a certain place at a certain time can provide much more information than anybody could have dreamed at the dawn of the technology revolution. Depending on the features of a user’s device and its level of security, the contributions of individuals to big data can range...

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Blog Post #1: The Way

After soaring one astronomical unit from the sun to reach the skin, eyes, and nerves of the human body, heat and light energy supports life on earth.  The energy released from fusion, caused by the rapid collision of helium atoms deep inside the sun, is the process that powers the stars; therefore, a universe lacking in fusion will lack in humans. Besides contributing to the sustenance of life, what are the international implications of this intriguing physical concept? Twenty-five years ago, a group of industrial nations agreed on a project to develop a new, cleaner, sustainable source of energy.1  ITER – meaning ‘the way’ in Latin – is an international effort designed to manage the increasing demands of global energy consumption by developing fusion as...

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